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Northeast Software Services Inc. purchased the assets of Image Source and we have moved to our new location in North Chelmsford.

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Certification Fulfillment

Image Source manages the production and product fulfillment of client certifications through our proprietary "WebSource" system. WebSource is accessed through the Image Source web page or through an application programming interface (API). WebSource provides OEMs and 3rd party training companies with the ability to easily create and execute Training Certification production and education fulfillment orders, make inquiries, review online inventory, track orders and generate reports.

WebSource will automatically accept input from a variety of document management software to create individually customized training certificates, letters of congratulations and the rapid fulfillment of the award packages.

The process starts when an application generates a string file which is sent to the WebSource FTP site. This file contains name and address information, and certifications attained by each student. This information is then used to automatically generate customized award packages containing personalized diplomas, letters of congratulations, information, and CD-ROM's and award gifts.

With our ability to automatically receive multiple graduate string files we provide our clients rapid highly customized solutions for the printing, kit assembly and product fulfillment of personalized award kits. Image Source has years of experience working on the difficult jobs that require detailed handling and reporting. Additionally WebSource also allows our customers to view inventory, project future needs, track orders and manage returns. WebSource was designed with great flexibility so we can adapt to a wide array of client's business processes and deliver a wide selection of fulfillment solutions.

Our DVD Duplication and fulfillment services include:

  • CD-R/DVD-R duplication and CD-ROM/DVD-R replication
  • CD Labeling
  • On-demand document printing with variable data
  • Kit Assembly
  • Fulfillment
  • Distribution/Pick Pack
  • Customized Reporting
  • Automated Mailings
  • First Class Mail
  • UPS
  • Federal Express
  • Other discount carriers
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